The Oracle Box Set

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The Oracle Story Generator is a tool for game masters, storytellers, and writers looking for inspiration when creating fantastic adventures. Its simple and dynamic design allows for maximum versatility and detail in a minimal number of cards.

Each deck has a theme. Themes include: Contracts & Bounties, Epic Adventures, Political Intrigue, Relics & Artifacts, and Simple Sidequests. Cards within these decks are broken out into Actors, Actions, Subjects, Intents, and Developments.

The Oracle Story Generator Box Set contains all 5 of the individual decks shown above in one package. Each deck contains enough outcomes to create over 250 million different combinations, so the entire set can be used to create over one billion story combinations!

Get the Box Set which contains all five tarot-sized decks, complete with a divider to keep all the decks well organized.

You can also upgrade with EXCLUSIVE add-ons! Add-ons are available at a steep discount to make your package extra special. Just ADD them onto any Box Set order! (Want just the add-on? They're available in the shop!) Add-ons purchased separetely will not come with a box set and will be canceled. 

  • DM Edition - A set of Dice (magic math rocks!)

  • Theme Matching - FIVE sets of Dice (to match each theme)

  • OC - A Custom Character Illustration

  • Gift Set - A set of Custom Dice and a Character Illustration, packaged in a gift box.