Custom knuckles!

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As a prior customer has said, "Brass knuckles are SO 90s!"

You can get your own set of RESIN knuckles, any colour and filled or unfilled! They're available gilded, crystal covered, with motifs, with stones, or even plain! Each listing is ONE KNUCKLE DUSTER.

A plain set isn't encrusted. They're a lifesize, wearable set of knuckle dusters. They can come in any color, with glitter or flakies, and even with real flowers. Embedded sets don't have details on the top, but can hold multiple colours or designs inside of it. Inside can hold crystals, charms, decoden, and pretty much anything TINY.

A FULL set is a design with a motif, gilding, crystals, florals, or combinations of crystals and florals. The most popular option; if you want a pair of moon goddess knucks, these are for you!

A crystal set is encrusted with REAL crystal points. Just as wearable, but a fair bit heavier!

A floral set is encrusted with REAL FOREVER ROSES, preserved greenery, or WOODEN flowers. Only to be worn for photos, these babies are FRAGILE.


As all art is subjective I appreciate room for interpretation! Occasionally I upgrade an order because I get inspired. If you absolutely don't want that please say so with your order.

Common motifs are crescent moons, planchettes, cats, and bats. Available metals are gold, silver, copper, and rose gold. Glow is available by request!

I don't accept refunds on custom pieces. If you need to cancel your order prior to delivery, a partial refund is available via polite message.

 How Customs Work

When you order, there will be a box to leave a nice note to be me to personalize your order. SOME payment methods (ahem, PayPal) hide this box. If you do not leave me a note...I cannot possibly know what you're thinking. 👉🏻👈🏻 Please email me @ with your name and order number. If you don't, though, I'm just going to make you something.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE CANNOT BE SOLD PLAIN TO: California, Vermont, Michigan, and Illinois. Whilst I aim for creating to be completed in 2-4 weeks, heavy ordering periods may increase wait time to 6-8 weeks. Feel free to message for progress anytime!